Welcome to your safe place. Welcome to the place where women just like you are shedding their skin for a good laugh, a moment of inclusivity, and yes, the occasional tear.

Dear Young Queen is a testimony to soul-baring truth.  Once upon a time, women may have been too shy to share the outrageous circumstances we frequently get ourselves into – but not anymore. These stories are the unique pieces that give us our voice, ignite our truths, and make up our distinctive crowns.

Dear Young Queen is here to encourage other women to find their voice and rediscover their sense of humor after their own trials and tribulations.

Whether that be in your personal, romantic, professional, or even in your family life.  We challenge you to walk the path of self-healing by expressing your own truths with grace, humor, and wit.

Click around, stay awhile, but most importantly, feel at ease to learn and grow in your truth and the truths of other Young Queens.


Dear Young Queen,

I once read, “If you are ever going to crack the ice of another person’s soul, you have to be brave enough to go first. To be a witness. A testimony. An example. Except that part is not always easy.”

I would say that most of my life was a cakewalk. I jumped into my career right after college, had a social calendar out of this planet, travelled all over the world, filmed a reality show with my best friends, and had a 3 yr relationship with a champion NBA player.  However, at the end of 2015, I experienced a devastatingly dramatic, public breakup that was coupled with career and family issues that sent me into depression. I was lost, betrayed, and my confidence and self-esteem was the size of a pea.

But, out of the fire emerged my passion for writing. I wrote when I was sad, I wrote when I was lost, I wrote when I was confused, I wrote and wrote and wrote.  Writing became a healthy and productive means to heal my pain, expose my fears, and confront my pain head on. I realized that my story, while unique to me, resonated with SO MANY women. I let fear go and I started to share my stories, thousands of you started to read, and it gave me hope.  

Here I am now, attempting to swim through the dating pool, navigate new and existing friendships, grow a startup, and become the woman that I always dreamed of being. I hope this platform makes you laugh, makes you cry, gives you comfort, and motivates you when you lack inspiration  But most importantly, I hope to begin conversations that we, as women, have avoided for so long.

Bookmark, subscribe, share, and comment. I can’t wait to grow with you all.

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