I’m 1 Year Old!

Year 1. In the books… on the books. Well, on the web, then maybe in a book? Hey, you never know. 😉

It’s officially been 1 year since I started offering up pieces of my life for the world to read.

We have Sickamore to thank for this. Sickamore listened to me share stories about my past, my future, my dreams, my hopes, my misfortunes, my friendships, dating woes, and comforted my broken heart for months. Day in & day out, he would sit on the phone with me for hours as I updated him daily on the happenings in my life.  He was the best audience and eventually challenged me to start writing down some of the stories I shared with him.  I’m not sure if he started encouraging me to share my stories in writing because he was sick (no pun intended) of listening to me or if he spotted a gift in me. (Look him up, he’s got a real talent for that.)  He had just started writing on Medium and was singing it’s praises. “Ashley it’s the perfect space for you to post your writing. The rules are simple, post a story longer than twitter but shorter than a blog.

I was up for his challenge, but I did not know how to begin. Up until that point, my journal was the only place I wrote. Those pages were full of a year’s worth of tears. Those pages were where I turned when I had no one else. That writing was writing for me, it was intimate and private.

Otherwise, I hated writing. In fact, my mother actually helped me write my school papers my whole life. That woman deserves another high school diploma and a degree from NYU.

However, Sickamore is one of the very few people in my life who I listen to without asking too many questions. If he’s suggesting something to you, he’s spent some time thinking about it. It never feels like a spur of the moment idea, even if it is.

So 1 year ago today, I jumped out the window and posted my first blog entry on Medium.  It was short and lacked direction, but it was a story I would have otherwise called Sickamore to share. It was a piece of writing that reflected the insecure place I was in, yet exposed the placed I yearned to be. It felt good to let that go.

I hoped that writing more would help me get my voice back after feeling like my life had fallen apart.  Over the past year, with www.iliveanincrediblelife.com  I DID.  What I didn’t realize would happen is that my voice would resonate with so many of you.


Over the past year, I turned hundreds of reads into thousands of reads. I built a website by myself, attended google analytics university, and found my very own passion project. Ask anyone who really knows me, this blog means everything to me. It’s my baby, my social experiment, my ….. my outlet.

Last year on halloween morning I woke up crushed, embarrassed, and feeling sorry for myself. This year on Halloween morning I woke up excited, inspired, and anxious to share more of my journey with every single of one you.

This has been an amazing year. Here’s to a bunchhhhhhhhhh more! *Cheers!*



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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. I remember reading your first Story ❤️ Keep it up girl I look forward to reading your stories.

    1. That’s love! 🙂 Thanks for keeping up girl.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!!

    1. (I’m late I know.. lol)

      THANK YOU!!!! 🙂

  3. Hi Ashley! I’m new to the blog AND I am hooked on your writing girl! I love the way you express yourself. You have a way with words! Certainly have a gift. Already shared with my friend your blog and she’s super excited to read your blog. I will keep sharing with all my friends. Great job! 👍🏽

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