D is for Dream

Baby Boy,

Here we are, YOUR baby shower. Your mom and some of her closest friends and family came together to celebrate you. We are so anxious for your arrival.

We gathered in your late great-grandfather’s home for brunch, laughs and a couple tears. (Of happiness of course!) The garden was so beautiful, but the memories your Mom made with your great-grandfather there sounded even more beautiful.  I couldn’t help but think he was present for the whole baby shower. The group was intimate and I got to meet some of your new family members. Trust me when I tell you, you are going to be loved.  

Your aunties? We showed up in our heels, dug them into the grass, and were totally envious of how gorgeous your mom was today. We spent 15 solid minutes jealously drooling over her skin, hair, weight, everything. No B.S. she might still weigh less than me. But guess what, she’s got a booty! And your Dad can’t keep his eyes off it.

You have no idea what an “incredible” mother you have. Your mom has been so meticulous about every single detail of your arrival.  The list of baby names is literally amazing. She has only the coolest names picked out for you, but she’s promised herself she wouldn’t decide until she meets your face. Some of your aunties went ahead and bit the bullet and got her the expensive “cool mom” stroller too. Enjoy your ride dude.

My favorite part of the day? Making your very first alphabet book. We each took some time out and crafted a letter to make up the 26-page book. I went with D. D is for Dream.

As soon my next marker touched the page, your OCD mom saw a little spot on the paper, grabbed a new one, and made me start over.  Once I had carefully written D-R-E-A-M down on the paper, I realized I had no clue how to illustrate it.  Your ambitious father suggested I use the space to write “I will be President One Day.” Aye kid, no pressure from those two AT ALL. 😉  

I settled on a dream cloud full of a variety of things. Rainbows, ZzZzZ’s, dream catchers.

As anxious as we all are to meet you, I actually can’t wait for you to meet her. Your mom is one of those people everyone loves to love, even when they know so little about her. She has incredible poise and moves through life with confidence and grace.

What’s most special about your mom is on the inside. She’s smart, attentive, thoughtful, loving, curious, willful and supportive. Your mom is the ultimate warrior. She is a real dream chaser. She enters every room with an open mind, open ears, and certainly an open mouth, always ready to chat.

Your mom is one of my best friends.  Your mom is vault full of my deepest secrets.  Your mom held my hand and my heart in some of my darkest moments.  Your mom reminds me that my own dreams will be realized and I’m not to stop until I get everything I desire. God picked you something special. You are going to love her.

Be gentle with your Mommy ok?  She’s prepared but she’s going to be new at this. Please quickly adjust to her sleep method training, it works.  Ask your cousin Chayce. And if you get fussy, she’ll try to sing to you. Avoid that at all costs, she’s not the songbird.

Listen baby boy, If you remember anything that Auntie Ash taught you, just remember D is for Dream. Dream big.


May all of your dreams come true,

-One of your Aunties anxiously awaiting your arrival


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