The Oprah Rose Show

“The juxtaposition between being a spiritual and sexually liberated woman is that at some point you’re gonna end up on both knees. Join Tiara and Gena as they discuss sex, Drake, religion and everything in between on The Oprah Rose Podcast.” – The Oprah Rose Show

Pretty much sounds like somewhere I should be right?! LOL Last night I sat down with Tiara and Gena and I couldn’t stop running my mouth! But let’s be honest, what else is new?

(For all of those who are always telling me to do a podcast or put a voice to my blogs? HERE GO GO! 🙂 Listen, Like, Subscribe!!)

And according to them both: 

“Whew! Episode 65 is a doozy but we’re blaming it on the buttas (a special uptown drink) that our amazing guest Ashley (@isthather) bought to the show. We discuss her website and the journey to getting there, why we love Spike Lee but not necessarily “She’s Gotta Have It”, take backs on sex partners, the Grammys, and of course dating.

Check it out below!”


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