A Saturday Vibe Pt. 2

But now it’s to the point where my love is up for debating
Maybe it’s too late to shake
I think love is shown, you think love is spoken
And we both comin’ from the same place
For every song that I write, it’s a note to self
Note to God, note to You.

Kehlani- RPG

It’s been a moment since I’ve given you guys a new DYQ playlist to vibe to. I’ve previously written about my Saturday morning playlists, and when I pulled out my laptop to try again, I realized nothing much had changed. Just another new batch of tunes that write the story of my life– my life in the current state.

Most kids woke up on Saturday mornings and ran to the TV to watch cartoons.


I slept until I smelled the sausage or bacon on the stove. Orrrrrrrr until my mom burst into the room, throwing whatever tights and leotard she just pulled out of the dryer because we were already late for dance class, Awana, or whatever seasonal activity she had me signed up for. 

In my house, Saturday mornings meant Anita Baker, Chaka Khan, Janet Jackson, and Whitney Houston. It meant hearing the voices of men through the record player like Marvin Gaye, Al Green, and The O’Jays. (Yes, my mom used a record player, even though it was the 90s. Understand my love for analog recordings now?)

Saturdays were for long drives to dance class and competitions (with more Whitney on repeat). When we got home, Saturday meant cleaning, it meant unwinding, and it meant school was two full days away. 

If Friday nights were for Blockbuster trips, then you know what Saturdays were for: Binging on your favorite VHS, favorites like “Boomerang” and “Dirty Dancing” or my mom’s favs like “Frankie and Johnny” or “Dancing with Wolves”. 

Saturday was a girl’s day, Mommy-and-me time. It was our day to get our home, lives, and happiness in order.

 Now, for me, Saturdays seem to be returning back to my childhood past. I don’t wake up to the smell of breakfast, but I try to throw on my workout clothes or golf clothes and get active. I pound through my inbox, put on a facial mask, or deep condition my hair. I deep clean my house, get my car washed, and catch lunch with whatever girlfriends may be in town that week. I binge on a Netflix series. I reset.

My Saturday soundtrack is no longer played on that trusty dusty record player, but my Saturday is not complete without the perfect playlist. My affection for R&B vocalists is obviously something I was born with, but my love for lyrics is what makes me such a sucker for R&B music. This Saturday’s playlist mixes some of my current favorite jams with songs that speak to my soul in this moment, “The Perfect Saturday Vibe Ting”.

My Saturday morning playlist serves the same purpose; however, nowadays, I’m actively working on growing the DYQ brand. My Saturdays are for my growth plan, editing and re-editing my decks, filming and refilming viral content, and taking meetings I couldn’t fit into my weekly schedule because, yeah, I also work a full-time job. So, yeah, the Saturdays once reserved for Mommy and me are now reserved for all things DearYoungQueen. And, oh yeah, a round of golf, if I can sneak it in. There’s a lot less self-care but a lot more self-development.

If you’re a lyrics girl, like me, Kehlani’s Februrary 2019 release “While We Wait” is still my current mood. It’s no surprise about four of the nine songs on that album made my regular rotation. Why is it that a songwriter or artist can perfectly articulate what you’re going through, whether heartbreak, joy, or any feeling in between. An entire Clive Davis Department of Recording Music degree later, it’s still mind-blowing how music, this magic combination of lyrics and sound, can capture your mood and move your soul.

That said, be sure not to miss the songs below. If you’re usually on the same page as me, I’m willing to bet you’ll love them as well.

It’s habitual to be the bitch I am, but not the chick you want
Residual damage left in place of what was beautiful
Excuses only work when what we’ve done is still excusable
You let the truth unfold

But still, cheers to being honest
Neither of us knew what we wanted
But all we knew is that we cared
Still all we painted was a moment
And when I walked away
I left footsteps in the mud so you could follow me.
Kehlani- Footsteps 

I ask myself, “Is this shit real?”
I contemplate ’bout how I feel
But you make it way too hard to think
That this could be what true love is
I don’t want to wait another minute for ya
You got me falling from the ceiling for ya
Knew right from the start there was no limit to ya
And I’m catching feelings, baby
You give me feels and I Know that I know, that I know that it’s real
You give me, you give me feels
You give me feels and I Know that I know, that I know that it’s real
You give me, you give me feels
Kehlani- Feels

This Saturday’s playlist mixes some my current favorite jams with songs that speak to my soul in THIS moment. The Perfect Saturday Vibe Ting.

Listen to this week’s playlist… A Saturday Vibe Pt 2.

Available on Apple Music & Spotify below. 

Follow me on Spotify as well, my playlists are AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT. 


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