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Jennifer Wray

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Single - Divorced

vintage baby buggy

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Jennifer Wray is a corporate executive of a financial institution and the author of a spiritual memoir, Perfect in All His Ways. She is also a fun, fit, and fashionable Queen, building her legacy upon sisterhood and servanthood. As Jennifer always says, “Make them love to see you come and hate to see you go!”

fun facts

  • Experience was Jennifer’s teacher. She bumped her head a few times with the wrong dudes (on repeat sometimes) to now know better. 
  • Relationships were her drug, and she was like a late-night street walker looking for the next hit to fly her high above the clouds. 
  • Jennifer is still attending the RA (Relationship Anonymous) weekly meetings and sometimes daily. 
  • Give her good music, great food, and authentic peeps, and she’s good! 
  • Jennifer is old enough to know her parents are her best friends and wise enough to know she owes true transparency to the Young Queens. 

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