What is a love hangover?

However, as a day or two passes, your high starts to fade.  Perhaps you begin to miss your lover, even though you didn’t leave each others side for 72 hours. Perhaps the few hours he took to call you back feels like three days.  Perhaps you’re a bit on edge or snappy. Perhaps you start to re-evaluate whether you should be spending so much time thinking about him. Either way, the high starts to wear off and your obsession of that happy place begins to take new form.

Sound familiar? You see, ladies and gentlemen, this is what I like to call a Love Hangover.

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Skater Boy or Cuddle Boo? The Names Women Give The Men They Date

I’ll admit it, this nicknaming is also a bit of defense mechanism. As author Sara Ashley O’Brien describes here, “she thinks women do it to keep men at an emotional arm’s length—so it’s not as painful if the relationship fizzles out (especially when you have to tell your girlfriends that, no, you haven’t heard from Bowling Guy in more than two weeks).”

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