What Are Your Quarantine Turn Ons?

-by Erin Wright

I don’t know about you, but turn-ons look different to me these days. Between marriage and quarantine, your typical turn-ons aren’t cutting it for ya girl lately. We’re in a whole ass pandemic, so for now, gone are the days when we go on dates, get all dolled up, and feel excited to have a night out with our partner. 

Romance looks… different amid COVID, and it’s safe to say my turn-ons have shifted.  As a result, you can call them quarantine turn-ons.

I googled turn-ons because, well, I like to Google stuff, and according to yourdictionary.com, a turn-on is something that encourages or excites you sexually.

So, here we go, my top three turn-ons (because the ongoing turn-on that my husband is fine still remains, thank goodness):

  1. Him changing our youngest’s diapers (it gets me every time)
  2. Him reading, especially reading my work (I instantly have to interrupt)
  3. Him asking me questions about my Netflix picks (I mean, hello! Let’s talk about it, Babe!)
  4. **Bonus** – grey sweatpants (this is a classic, and I don’t think it will ever go out of style. I mean, a whole pandemic is going on, so loungewear is at an all-time high, and I’m not mad at it.)

Ask yourself: How have my turn-ons changed in 2020? Do I know my significant other’s turn-ons? Explore those questions, baby! 

I mean, we’re in strange times right now, and we have the downtime, right? While folks might be hot and heavy and stuck in the house, be careful if you aren’t planning on having a kid. Quarantine babies are on the rise. I’ve got three kids already, so no ‘Rona babies over here! 

In the meantime, I’ll indulge in these quirky turn-ons and see how your partner’s turn-ons have changed too.  

Drop it in the comments Queen. 


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