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Shalina is a woman who wears many hats, and depending on who you ask, you can hear one or more of these titles – mom, sister/cousin, Aunt Shushi, devoted friend, charmed one, energy changer, queen manifestor, inspirational motivator, or therapist (minus the degree). The Serenity Prayer has resonated with Shalina since she was younger and has become her go-to when she needs to feel grounded. The sudden passing of her mother, as well as her history of medical issues, is what she owes a big part to her spirituality and the woman she is today.

Shalina now has a clear understanding of “Life is Short,” “Y.O.L.O.,” and “Live, laugh, love.” On July 1,2019, she started #DailyRituals on her Instagram story, which started as a way to hold herself accountable but became something so much bigger! Shalina’s goal was to create a routine of self-love and have it become a way of life.

#DailyRituals consisted of waking up at 6:30 am to go to the track, meditating, saying positive affirmations, and then exercising. After a week of sharing on Instagram, Shalina started to receive messages from people, thanking her for inspiring them and to keep going. Nike women even messaged her that they were watching. “How much more motivation did I need?” she asked herself. So, she kept going! Shalina has a passion for helping others, and her goal is to ensure that the people she connects with never feel alone. What she is most passionate about is being a mom.

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  • Shalina was born on June 15,1980. For those who are also intrigued by numerology as Shalina, she has a three-attitude number as well as three-life path. 
  • Shalina is A TALKER! She can talk for hours on almost anything. 
  • Shalina loves to dance and dreams of being on Dancing with Stars!
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