#Thotumn #HotNerdFall or #FlyGirlFall

Well, ladies, it is officially Fall, and Hot Girl Summer is a wrap. For those who are unfamiliar, “Hot Girl Summer” is a phrase that was coined in the early months of the summer season by Houston rapper, Megan The Stallion, but the time has come to put this expression on the back burner until next June. 

Hot Girl Summer might be over, but if you’re anything like me… you’ll look back and smile because you had a great time letting loose this summer.  For me, this summer was full of trips, freedom, new memories, and alcohol, lots of alcohol. Admittedly, the hot girl body I started with in June ain’t quite the same body I ended up with by Labor Day. 

Truth be told, the Hot Girl Summer lifestyle is not focused on aspiring towards conventional beauty, as Meg clarified on her Twitter account:

She has also noted that Hot Girl Summer is for “women — and men — having a good-ass time, hyping up your friends, doing you and not giving a damn what anybody has to say about it.”

I think I lived all of that this summer, plus some. You can’t have a good-ass time or be the life of the party without participating in all the food, alcohol, limited hours of sleep, last-minute plans, and random trips, all things that jack up your body. I’ll admit – this summer, I put on nearly 20 pounds. No bullshit, I was 141 in April and weighed 158 on September 6th. I mean, I guess I’m on track to be a part of @Lizzo’s “Big fat girl fall energy.” I’ll definitely be in good company!

I’ve heard a couple of other names for our movement this fall. There’s the hoodrat version going around: #Thotumn.” There’s Meg’s own #HotNerdFall, which is giving students the confidence to thrive this autumn. 

For me, it’s time to fall back into routine. And while the first day of fall was exactly one week ago, it’s Monday again and the 1st of the month is tomorrow, so not only is rent due, but obviously, my motivation to work out is on one million. It’s only right I hand over access to my secret weapon, the thing that motivates me most when it comes to working out –  music! It’s like I zone out and enter my own world. 

So, here you go, Young Queen. Here’s my playlist. I hope this list will motivate you and keep you hype through your workout. (As always, until this Young Queen has a partnership with a music streaming platform, I’ll be sure to give you the Apple and Spotify options.)

You know what, Young Queen? Live any life you want this fall, whether it’s Thotumn or Hot Nerd Fall.  But just promise me you’ll also join the #FlyGirlFall train, living your most confident and unapologetic life, all while looking bad ass in the process. 


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