You Are Stronger

(Please enjoy this reader submission by Shamicka Ramirez from The Bronx, NY. You can find more of her work on her instagram @Shamicka4ever.)

You are stronger than you know. 

Whatever situation you are in you will come out of it you just have to find the faith in it all even when you fall that doesn’t make you weak it makes you strong. Please remember that your masterpiece and let God handle your biggest problems. You are enough being yourself. 

Get up and say I’m beautiful just the way I am. 

You are a Queen and never forget that I have to remind myself that every day because there will be days where I don’t feel like getting out of bed but my life is beautiful and it’s just starting to unfold. Having been born with Cerebral Palsy I’ve always dealt with issues of feeling not enough because I have scars all over my legs and I walk differently from the rest of the world but

I may have Cerebral Palsy but Cerebral Palsy don’t have me!!!  

I will forever win even when the tests of life try and stop me. I’m still winning at life because  I have faith I’m way stronger than I know. No obstacles can break me.


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  1. You’re courage to share this gives everyone strength and no excuse to keep kicking… your a beautiful woman and you are right it doesn’t make you any different and definitely doesn’t define you… thank you for reminding me

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