The First Date And The First Time

-by Kaycee March

I’m the mom in my group of friends. You know, the one making sure everyone has all their stuff, no one ends up on the internet assed out, a firm believer in the buddy system, all that kinda shit. But what happens when the mom of the group wants to be a little bit reckless? 

Well sis, we give the whole online dating thing a try. 

I met this guy online and we talked and texted for a few weeks – real good vibes, which only made me wonder how many women he has buried in his backyard. I figured something just had to be wrong with him. By week 3, he convinced me to meet him for dinner, but the responsible part of me knew I should drive myself. I wasn’t about to be his umpteenth victim.

Dinner was great! We went to this local Italian spot, and I am a sucker for pasta, even though I ordered a salad. I knew he was alright with me when he let me put my fork in his plate more than once. I really think he liked looking at my cleavage everytime I moved forward. I’ll be honest, I was staring at his lips and shoulders throughout most of the conversation anyways.

The conversation was good, too. We talked money management, social media trends, and just about every random thing you can imagine. 

As he walked me to my car and gave me a hug, I was shocked as shit – Daddy smelled AMAZING. His build, his beard, and his scent were all stronger than any drink I ever had. 

His scent wasn’t the only intoxicating part of that hug. He was blessed and highly favored, if you know what I mean. I still can’t figure out how I was able to discern the dick through a pair of cargos, but I did. Sis, I was locked into this man’s pelvis.  Usually, I’m very much in control of my emotions, but that night, my lady parts were talking louder than my beating heart.

When he wouldn’t let me go, I knew I was about to do what I had judged other women for – I was about to have sex after the first date!

Yes, me, the mom of the group, the “good girl,” the church-going friend. I don’t have some wild sex life.  I’m boring, but I have spice when needed. I agreed to go back to his place and “chill.”

I knew what I wanted, but I’m too awkward to go for it, and no part of me is bold enough to say, “So, you giving me some dick or nah?” 

During the short drive from the restaurant to his house, I was in the car with the worst case of bipolar disorder. City Girl me was like, “Yessss, Sis. Get the dick. It’s been a stressful year, he’s packing the right kind of equipment, you know he’s down for some nasty shit, and you know, deep down, you nasty, too.” 

Saved and sanctified me was ready to find the nearest confessional and confess my dirty thoughts, even though I’m not a bit Catholic. That damn “Rocket” by Beyonce came on, and my foot got a little heavier on the gas pedal. I always wanted to experience what it felt like to operate with no inhibitions. I was about to get my chance and boyyyyy was I ready to put this ass on this man.  Don’t judge me. 

Let me tell you, that man ended up doing some things to me that I know are illegal in most countries. I enjoyed every second of it. It was the first time I did something that forced me to release all my inhibitions.  Hands down, it was one of the best sexual experiences I ever had! 

I thought it was going to be a one night stand, but hell, the late great Dr. Maya Angelou wrote it best, “Does it come as a surprise that I dance like I’ve got diamonds at the meeting of my thighs?” Best believe Daddy wanted to see me again.

Can’t say the feeling wasn’t mutual…To this day, I look back at that and cringe, that I, the mom of the group, really let a man fold me up like a pretzel, turn me around, and feast on me like a buffet.


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