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Ashley Weatherspoon

Founder + CEO of Dear Young Queen

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Ashley Weatherspoon, Chicago native and Big Apple-based entrepreneur, is the creator and writer of Dear Young Queen, a testimony of soul-baring truths regarding the reality of the modern-day dating scene which happened to stem from a shocking, devastating, and rather dramatic public breakup from her NBA-superstar boyfriend. The widespread gossip, public scrutiny, and subsequent humiliation sent the once happy-go-lucky woman into a period of deep depression, and she had no idea where life would take her when her overwhelming despair and debilitating fear of public encounters pulled her away from everything she ever knew. At the lowest point in her life, she had no idea she would begin to lay the foundation of her next wildly successful professional endeavor, Dear Young Queen

As a vibrant young woman with an old soul and an unabashed mode of expression, Ashley encourages women to find their voice after the storm. Through her transparency, sense of humor, and wit, women from all walks of life are welcomed to travel the path of self-healing by expressing their truths, unapologetically. The absurd, insightful yet true stories Ashley shares take readers on her unique journey through life, love, and womanhood. Dear Young Queen has generated thousands of readers, propelling her blog into an all-encompassing brand expanding into creative and marketing spaces of mass appeal – a truly powerful testimony to the peaks and valleys of her quest to build a lasting legacy. 

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  • I’m competitive as HELL! You want me on your Spades, Taboo, or dodgeball team. 
  • I love to golf. Name a course, I’ll tell you who designed it.
  • I’m wayyyyy nerd-ier than I look. I love research, analytics, and reading about almost anything under the sun.
  • Some would argue I know a little bit about everything. Name a topic, I could participate in the convo somehow, someway. 
  • I broke both of my arms in a rollerblading accident this year. 


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