Dear Naomi Osaka,

Unfortunately, at no fault of your own, your moments of on-court greatness and the chance to celebrate were obscured by controversy. My heart broke into pieces as I watched you hide your tears underneath your black Adidas visor. Naomi, I want you to know there are so many women who feel for you, applaud you, and support you.

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To Bae, On Valentine’s Day

This year I’m celebrating another Valentine’s Day without you, but I cannot wait to spend a lifetime of them with you in our future. I imagine waking up next to you on this special day and thanking God.  I will thank him for every year I woke up alone because it was that time that he was preparing us both. I will look over at you while you are still sleeping but I say a quick prayer over you.

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You’re Too Picky

I usually meet that comment with my normal eye roll and a fake chuckle. I’m so used to hearing it now that I’ve actually thrown out my entire defense.  I’m sad to admit that as much as I hate that “picky” label, I just quietly accept it.  I’m told my tastes will mature as I get older. I won’t care about things as frivolous as clean sneakers or how he says goodbye when he hangs up the phone.

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