Finding My Lane

I’ve never been open enough to share this, but I have an extremely difficult time volunteering. I have a tender heart and sometimes the negative circumstances surrounding those I help by volunteering weigh heavier on me than the good that comes from my time spent volunteering.  Always have.

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Why Are You Here?

We’re not here to talk about shopping, we are here to talk about the guy who took me on a date and his girlfriend called my cell phone, minutes after we sat down to dinner.  Or  the last 3 guys I dated who turned out to be frogs in Prince Charming attire. I’m here to share the feelings that keep me awake at night, tossing and turning.  I’m here to share the thoughts that echo the aches of my heart and the faith that keeps me persevering.  

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Note To Self

Sometimes I accredit the change to being a late bloomer. I was never the girl that guys lined up to date and trust I wasn’t the girl who was going to be dressed in the 9's. And honestly, to the old me, going to the nail salon was more of a hassle than it was a good time. The new attention became addicting. I began to feed the areas where I was drawing attention rather than the areas that made me feel most whole.

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